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“My philosophy about real estate and home ownership is simple… I put myself in your shoes, treat you like family and treat your home as if it were my home.” Ron Ringen

  • 40+ years experience in S.P.C./W.D.O. Business
    (Structural Pest Control/Wood Destroying Organisms)
  • Licensed W.D.O. Inspector Since 1968
  • Licensed General Contactor (B) Since 1977

Who is Qualified to Perform a Home Inspection?

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Professional and trusted Home Inspection Services - Ron Ringen's Unbiased Home Inspections in Tuolumne County and Calaveras County.Because there is NO licensing requirement of Home Inspectors in the State of California, ANYONE can (and many times do!) call themselves ‘Home Inspectors’.  This is a real tragedy for the sellers and buyers involved in the real estate transaction process as the information gleaned from their inspection and report is certainly going to be limited and may very well be inaccurate.  Add to the fact that possible unqualified, inexperienced persons are passing themselves off as the Inspector that supposedly has your best interest at heart to the fact that the same so-called Inspector wasn’t hired by you, but by your realtor, now you really have a recipe for disaster!  Such an Inspector can not ‘serve two masters at one time’ and will have much more interest in pleasing that realtor who will be calling him again and again for inspections ($) rather than just the one time encounter that Inspector will have with you.  This is why it is so important that YOU search out and hire the Inspector that YOU are comfortable with and are assured of his or her qualifications and experience.  After all, a home is probably the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime; don’t you think you should know everything about that home so that you know what to expect and can plan for it?

So, who is qualified enough to be your Inspector?  Well, only you can determine that. But, you should start your search by looking for an Inspector that has REAL construction experience.  Not just a person that has actually built (from the ground up) a few homes and structures, but also a person that has extensive experience in remodeling and repair of structures.  Seek out an Inspector that is involved not only in the local community issues and groups, but also committed to an on going continuing educational regime that encompasses all of the home systems and issues that come up when these systems fail.  Try to find an Inspector that not only knows and understands what have been home systems of the past, but those that are now showing up or ‘expected’ in homes now and in the future.  We recommend that you review our information about how to hire a home inspector.

The ideal Home Inspector that fits all of that kind of high criteria most likely will be a member of CalNACHI, which is a Home Inspection organization that promotes the highest ethics and promotes substantial continuing education and client appreciation, service, protection and awareness.  CalNACHI is a California only, non-profit organization that is for the advancement of the ethical, proper and thorough Home Inspections coupled with accurate and complete reporting.  Numerous learning experiences are scheduled throughout the year by CalNACHI for its member Inspectors that cover different home systems or situations that the Inspectors may encounter while performing their inspections.  This keeps the CalNACHI Inspectors up to date with all of the latest equipment found in today’s homes as well as issues that may occur with that equipment.  Everything CalNACHI does is geared towards providing the California homeowner and home purchaser with the absolute best and most knowledgeable Inspectors available to provide their clients with unequaled service.

Therefore you can be sure you will be getting a professional inspection when you hire Ron Ringen, who is a certified CalNACHI Master Inspector.  Our goal at Ringen’s Unbiased Inspections is to become your personal building consultant for life.  We want to be the friend you call on for assistance in resolving your questions and concerns about your home, while knowing that you will be receiving an honest, fair, and detailed inspection and report.