You’re looking at a web site that is 100% SOLAR POWERED.
It’s the responsible thing, but it’s also the smart thing to do. Why? Read on…

Solar Powered Web HostingIn California, where we’ve known rolling blackouts in times of peak electrical demand, that’s a smart decision. My site stays online. But that’s only a small reason why I feel it’s a smart decision.

The huge data centers that provide the infrastructure for the Internet use a huge amount of electricity, not only to power the servers, routers and monitoring equipment, but also to cool those very machines so they will perform properly. Unfortunately, a good portion of this power is generated by coal and natural gas, which releases huge amounts of carbon into the air. There are hundreds of millions of web sites, each contributing to the load on the power grid, and thus adding carbon into the atmosphere. It is difficult to calculate exactly how much carbon is kept out of the atmosphere by my web site being completely solar powered, but I’m sure that someone much smarter than me could figure it out, or at least come up with some fairly accurate estimate. Whatever that amount of carbon not released into the environment might be, multiply this effect by whatever is the amount of remaining web sites there are and I think you can see the potential value of such a practice. Will you join me in this effort to save energy and curtail carbon release into our atmosphere by using the free, clean power of the sun that doesn’t use foreign oil or dirty coal for power that’s ‘breaking the financial back’ of our country and polluting our precious only world?

I pay a slightly higher price for this hosting (still less than most sites pay), but in the long run, it’s just the smart and right thing to do. If you are interested in this program, please contact me and I will get you in contact directly with the solar web hosting server company so that you too can choose to practice ‘sustainability’ by going total solar power to ‘power-up’ your own web site. We are all in this together, so lets make it as good as we can!

Other Things I’m Doing to Live Sustain-Ably While Leaving a Small Footprint:

  • Solar powered Web Site hosting
  • Installed a 9000 watt photovoltaic solar array that powers all electrical systems on my property AND puts power back into the grid
  • Building a high efficiency home designed to use minimal energy but still be comfortable to live in
  • The home is heated and cooled by a energy efficient and non-polluting Ground Source Heat Exchange system
  • In the process of installing a rain water recovery system collecting rain water from the inter-locking metal shingle roofs of the structures on the property
  • Compost yard debris and kitchen scraps, and have a ‘worm bin’ to help in the process
  • In the process of installing a ‘Victory’ type vegetable garden
  • Recycle every thing possible that I can no longer use
  • Doing my very best to practice ‘waste management’ by thinking twice before even purchasing something
  • Searching/shopping for a true all electric truck for my day to day use as well as use in my Home Inspection business (of course, the truck will be recharged/powered by solar array on the property)
  • Working on numerous community related projects and groups to help promote sustainable living practices and alternative energy and building methods using educational opportunities for community members and groups whenever possible