What is CalNACHI?

CalNACHI (California National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) is a non-profit association established for home inspectors. It is dedicated to advancing the cause of consumers and its membership through education. The purchase of a property is typically the most significant investment that consumers make, and that investment needs to be protected. As a consequence, thousands of inspections are conducted daily that result in the production of legal documents, inspection reports, contracts, and a variety of agreements.

When should the home be inspected?

AS A BUYER: Make it a part of your purchase agreement with the seller as a contingency pending your approval.
AS A SELLER: Before you list your property for sale have it inspected so you have a chance to address any concerns in order to avoid delays at closing.

Who would order a Home Inspection and what would be gained by doing so?

The basic fact is that for most of us, the single largest investment we will make in our lifetime will be the purchase of our home. Our homes are made up with many working parts. The condition and function of these parts as a system will determine our comfort and safety while living in the home. The various conditions of these components will aid in the determination of the overall value of your investment decision, and in turn gaining the knowledge to successfully make an educated decision.

How long does a home inspection take?

There is no set time, however you can expect a minimum of 2 1/2 hours. My Inspections generally take 3 1/2 hours on up depending on the size and components of a home. My goal is to give the client a thorough understanding of the components of the home based on serviceability and durability (Does it work and will it last?). Rushing an inspection to meet a promised finish time is not in the best interest of the client or the inspector.

Should I be present when the inspection takes place?

Absolutely! I strongly encourage you and your spouse/partner to attend the inspection. When the inspection is complete we’ll go over the findings and I’ll be more than happy to address any questions, issues or concerns you may have. In the case of a buyer’s inspection I do ask that you make other arrangements for your children as they can be a distraction both to the inspector and yourself as well as an imposition on the homeowner.

When can I expect the completed report?

If you’re present at the conclusion of the inspection we’ll sit down and go over the report verbally. Reports are computer generated with pictures and are completed usually the same evening as the inspection. Normally you can expect your report the following morning. It can be viewed, or downloaded, from our website when finished, and will be mailed to you and your realtor if you request. The report is produced for the client only. Copies to the agents can be faxed or mailed with your authorization.

Why don't you deliver your report on site?

My reports are produced back at the office on the evening of the inspection. This gives me unrushed time to review my notes, checklist and to research any questionable areas of concern. Digital photos of areas of concern are then inserted for further clarification.

The result is a complete, easy to read and understand inspection report. Ringen’s Unbiased Inspections has chosen this method over speed and onsite reporting to provide you with a more complete, and accurate report.

Will an Inspection 'fail' a house/structure?

No. Any home can have some sort of small situation that may need attention, but everything can be repaired. It’s my job to point them out to you so you can make an informed decision.

Will you tell me whether or not I should buy the home?

No. As a home inspector I must adhere to The Standards of Practice of CalNACHI. My job is to point out areas of concern as well as strong points of the home. The decision of whether to buy, or not, is strictly up to you.

Do you recommend contractors, give bids on repairs or do repairs yourself?

No. You should be wary of any home inspector who does. Ringen’s Unbiased Inspections adheres strictly to the standards of practice and code of ethics set forth by CalNACHI. A fair and unbiased inspection is the result.

Who pays for the repairs that you find in your report?

This is beyond the scope of a home inspector. I will offer no opinion or advice in this matter. To remain objective and avoid a possible conflict of interest I do not involve myself in any aspect of the purchase decision, or offer repair item estimates.

When are you able to perform an inspection?

Due to the busy schedules of realtors, clients, sellers, and buyers, Ringen’s Unbiased Inspections is available 7 days a week by appointment. Keep in mind that home inspections do need to be performed during daylight hours.

What is the fee for an inspection?

The fee for a complete home inspection will vary depending on the home’s size, age and components of the home. After a few brief questions over the phone, l will be able to quote your fee for the inspection.

Have more questions?

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