Ringen's Unbiased Home Inspections

Ringen's Unbiased Home Inspections

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  • Complete Home Inspections
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Why Every Home Owner Should Have a Home Inspection ...

Home Inspection Service

HOME BUYERS, SELLERS and EXISTING OWNERS will benefit from the information provided by Ringen’s Unbiased Inspections. Our home inspection service evaluates all working and non-working parts of a home to ensure safety, proper function and maintenance.

THE SELLER should order the home inspection prior to listing their property for sale. The Seller can then use the report to find and address all issues relating to the home’s systems and components. This gives the Seller ample time to obtain bids from various contractors, possibly saving a substantial amount of money. The seller can then confidently list their home for sale knowing all issues have been addressed. This ensures there will be no surprises or delays before escrow closes.

THE BUYER would use the Home Inspection Report to get introduced and familiar to their prospective new home. The report will help validate their decision in purchasing the home. You and your real estate agent can use the report as a negotiating tool.

EXISTING OWNERS will find potential safety hazards “before they find you!” Ringen’s Unbiased Inspections performs home safety checks to alert every home owner of potential risks and dangers that might otherwise go undetected until an emergency situation arises.